Michael Bacon Prophetic Revivalist has a vision to:

Build an apostolic and prophetic army
The Lord has commissioned Michael to train, equip and send out an army that can flow in the apostolic and prophetic anointing.  This is being accomplished through the online Elisha Network.


To build a local body
Michael has a heart to build a local body in the Raleigh, North Carolina area that will become part of the army of God.  This local body of believers is Glory Tabernacle Church. 


To build a national center
Michael has a vision of a national center for apostles and prophets. It will be a round white building with flags of every nation around the top.  This center will be a five-fold ministry school and will be named the Elisha Center.

To build a 24 hour prayer center
A vision to build a 24 hour prayer center that will have intercessors around the clock.

To Ordain apostles and prophets

Michael Bacon offers covering and ordination to those that the Lord has called to connect with him.  Through this relationship Michael provides training, prayer, counseling, mentoring, and encouragement.  Each minister is held to Godly standards and is committed to accomplish God's will and purpose in their life. If you are interested in ordination and having a spiritual covering please submit your information by filling out our online form.  (ordination Form)  This is not an automatic process in that every person must be prayed about before being ordained. Additionally, there may be some period of time for Prophet Michael to get to know your spirit through relationship and possibly some training.  Everything must be done in decent order and as the Lord wills it. If you have prayed and feel led to be ordained we encourage you to apply for ordination and become part of our familly.